Do you have any in Korowai in stock? We are currently making all our designs to order and there is a wait time of up to 3 weeks. However, get in touch with us today and let us know what event you have coming up and we will try our best to accomodate you. Email: cs@korowaibyhiria.com

Where are you located? You can find us at 16/11 Northside Drive, Westgate, Auckland, New Zealand. This is a design studio / workshop and is currently not available for walk-ins. If you are looking for something specific you can book a free zoom chat with Hiria.

What sizes do you make? We offer sizes for the whole family.

Our Kid's sizes range from newborn, toddler, kids and high school aged. Our adult sizes come in three lengths: 40cm / quarter, 60cm / half and 100cm / full length designs. Our standard size will fit a 100-120cm shoulder width.

What feathers do you use? Mostly (coloured) Rooster Coque Feathers, Hen Feathers and for custom designs we are able to source other local and imported feathers on a case by case scenario.

Are these handwoven Korowai? We offer both contemporary and traditional korowai designs on a case by case basis. our contemporary designs are more readily available while a handwoven design will require months notice in advance. Email: cs@korowaibyhiria.com for more information 

What events would you see, wear or gift a Korowai? Our designs are used mostly for 4 types of events. 

1. Birthdays

2. Weddings

3. Graduations

4. Tangihanga (Funerals)

5. Family Whakapapa / Potraits / Reunions

6. Māori tattooing ceremony

What is a Korowai?

A Korowai is a Māori cloak that was worn by my ancestors and they were passed down through many generations as treasured heirloom pieces. 

What does a Korowai represent?
A Korowai is worn as mantle of prestige and honour. The name Korowai is symbolic of leadership, and includes the obligation to care for the people and environment.

Why do you wear a Korowai?
Everyone has different reasons for wearing Korowai on their graduation day whether it be, a sense of identity, a graduation acknowledgement, a congratulatory gift, a connection to our NZ heritage or family tradition. Each Korowai is uniquely special to its owner and their family. It tells the story and is the new beginning for the generations to come.