Do you know what a Korowai is? Yes. A Korowai is a type of kākahu (cloak) with a very distinctive style. The body of the kākahu and the neck border adorned with hukahuka, best describe as decorative tags. The hukahuka are made from rolled muka (flax fibre) and usually dyed black.

Do you know how to weave a Korowai? Yes, although I am not a master weaver, I began my weaving journey in 2018.

Are these real Korowai? No. These are a variety that is most commonly known as Contemporary Kākahu or Kahu Huruhuru.

Can you hand-weave a Korowai for me? Please email hi@hiriaaorangi.com for more information

Do you run any weaving workshops? Prior to covid lockdowns we were running community group workshops. SInce then we have had to put this on pause. This is a project that we have in the pipeline. if you would like to go on a waiting list then please email hi@hiriaaorangi.com

Do you have any in stock? No. Everything is made to order from our Auckland based Atelier.

Do you have a store? No. Our Pop Up Shop has now closed and we are taking online orders only. 

What sizes do you make? Baby sizes (300x300) Kids Sizes (600x400) Full length Adult sizes (1050 x 1000) 

What feathers do you use? Mostly (coloured) Rooster Coque Feathers

Are you a Māori business? Yes. He uri tenei no Ngati Hine, Ngati Kuri, Te Rarawa, Te Aopouri, Ngapuhi tonu me Ngati Whatua ki Kaipara.

What company do you use to ship your orders and how long does it take to get to me? We use NZ Post for national and international orders. 

National orders are tracked and take 1-3 business days to be delivered.

International orders are tracked and take 2-6 business days to be delivered.

Does it come with a gift box? Yes! We supply a keepsake box for every one of our designs free of charge.

How long does it take to make?

Our current lead time is 10-15 business days. 

Please note that unless in stock, all orders are made to order by our Owner &  Designer Hiria Aorangi. if we have any supplier issues, we will contact you directly to advise if there is a delay with your order. 

Is it blessed before it gets sent to me?

Yes! We have a karakia (blessing) card with each Kākahu. This means that you may also bless it each time you decide to use it for family occasions. This karakia (blessing) has been written by our kaumatua, Sonny Niha, specifically for this reason.

Can I order a CUSTOM design?

Unfortunately, No. We have closed off our custom orders for 2022 and the time being.

Can you help me to incorporate different aspects into my Korowai design?

Yes, we can. However, your iwi affiliations, colours and whakapapa (genealogy) are personal to you, and we recommend having these kinds of conversations with your whānau (family) before having discussions with us. We are here to help; however, as we hail from Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Hine, Te Rarawa, Ngāti Kuri & Ngāti Whatua ki Kaipara, we cannot give accurate advice for the Tikanga (cultural practices) and korero (stories) from your Iwi (tribe) or Hapu (village).

Can you customise the Taniko band for me?

Unfortunately, No. Due to us not having the resources at this time. Our current Taniko design is the Patiki (flounder), as shown in our website photographs. We are looking to offer this service in the future.

We are here to help, learn and grow with you, and these FAQs will be updated regularly. If you have any further questions, please email us at cs@korowaibyhiria.com.